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Why choose us for your Renovation Project.
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As a team we have over 30 years of combined experience in home renovations.

With you as part of our team we don't just improve your home we personalize it. With the latest technology we provide computerised layouts showing you various perspectives and angles of your space. No matter what your style, our in-house interior designerhas the experience and knowledge to create a space to fit your needs and budget.

With a dedication to perfection and your satisfaction we take great care and pride in all our work.

Building a business on referrals and relationships with the people we meet.

When working with us we provide a one stop renovation:

  • Detailed plan to study and make alterations to the design based on your feedback.
  • Provide you with plans, elevation drawings, and perspective views.
  • Construction Drawings: Drawings that indicate any changes or additions to wall placements, doors, windows or bulkheads.
  • Mechanical Drawings: Drawings that denote new or altered locations of plumbing, heating and venting fixtures.
  • Electrical Drawings: Drawings that denote new or altered placement of lighting fixtures and appliances.
  • Find the right products for your Project.
  • Provide an estimate of cost & time needed to Complete your project
  • Project Management.
  • Installation from the ground up.


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